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About Agrisol

A one-stop solution to major agricultural problems, Agrisol (India) Pvt. Ltd., is founded to support the farming community in providing high-quality plant protection chemicals thereby, ensuring their faith.

Our name itself indicates the precision of our commitment to empowering the farming community for the enhancement of agriculture. ‘Agri’ means Agriculture ‘Sol’ refers to the Solutions we offer, this itself describes our dedication and devotion vested for developing new solutions to agricultural problems. Agrisol India provides various technical grade insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. We are one of the youngest leading agrochemical providers owning technical plant established at Udumulapdu Village, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh in the year 2018. We aim to manufacture, supply, and export high-quality technical grade plant protection chemicals for the agricultural community. We always strive for manufacturing the best agrochemicals at the most economical price with high quality. We believe in serving our clients with the best of our competency maintaining international standards of quality.

The vision of AGRISOL is - to drive growth in agriculture by providing the suitable solutions to farmers. It has the world-class infrastructure and well-skilled dynamic team for developing the cost-effective reactions to manufacture the best quality plant protection chemicals.

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